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Buksu Atu Team
July 20, 2022, 11:35 a.m.

Re: BukSU-CAT applicants who preferred to study in any satellite campus of BukSU

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We would like to remind you of the following:

  1. As instructed during the application period: (a.) You must fill out the application fields ACCURATELY. (b.) You need to DOUBLE CHECK the information you have provided in your application. (c.) Your PARENTS/GUARDIANS must be consulted before choosing your Preferred Campus and Testing Venue.

  2. BukSU Admission and Testing Unit (ATU) cannot make changes to the information you have provided; such data were subsequently used in your BukSU-CAT Report of Rating.

  3. Those who expressed to enroll in the satellite campuses are only qualified for admissions in their preferred satellite campus.

  4. The BukSU Admissions System can only cater enrollment for applicants whose campus preference is MAIN CAMPUS. For students with satellite campus preferences, release of ROR (Report of Rating) and enrollment procedures are done remotely (absence of online enrollment) in your preferred satellite campus.

  5. You may contact your preferred satellite campus for clarification and enrollment concerns or the Admission and Testing Unit thru 0968-568-1435.

Thank you.